Clinics throughout the Winter at Monarch

Ladies now is your chance to have more fun while you learn to play golf.

Click the image below to get full details and join Judy on Wednesdays for her Women Wednesday Golf Clinics.

Men and Ladies of all skill levels are invited to join Judy for Friday Frenzy Golf Clinics, where learning is fun and educational.

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Report for duty at the Monarch Country Club

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If you have any questions or wish to book, contact Judy:

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Judy Alvarez PGA/LPGA Master Professional
Golf Digest Magazine Women Top 50 Teacher

LPGA SE Section Professional of the Year Award 2018

SFPGA Section Horton Smith Award 2018

SFPGA Chapter Horton Smith Award 2017

SFPGA Section Player Development Award 2016, 2011

LPGA SE Section Teacher of the Year Award 2002

One of her many accomplishments has been teaching golf to players with disabilities

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Poor contact means less distance

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