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2012 Golf Digest Magazine Women Top 50 Teachers

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Broken Tees and Mended Hearts

A Life's Journey Serving Wounded Warriors & Injured Spirits
by Judy Alvarez, PGA, LPGA

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Broken Tees and Mended Hearts

Written as a reminder for the wounded, handicapped or broken-hearted, this book gives everyone a little something we need every day – hopes and goals.

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Golf Instruction

Whether you are swinging on one or two legs, with one or two arms, seated or standing or have a hearing or sight impairment, Judy’s teaching philosophy is accommodating to all skill levels and abilities.

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Carol Mann LPGA & World Golf Hall of Fame Member

“…Honest stories of her own heartfelt need to learn how to deal with special needs people convey her personal and professional integrity. Further, the stories of her skills applied to desires of her students, albeit reluctant, skeptical and otherwise, tell of the triumphs of both. Judy has composed prose about golf never before written. She delves deep into the essences of golf and its extraordinary effects on its player


Rick Martino PGA Master Professional Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher

“Why does anyone want to play golf? The game can be exceedingly difficult on your best days! The game of golf is often about adjusting one’s character. These stories tell of the character of students and the adjustment that golf brought to their lives. Those adjustments brought joy into the lives of golfers. Thanks, Judy.”