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2019 National Patriot Award Recipient

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"Being part of PGA HOPE has given ME a sense of Hope!"

"This is a little part of heaven."

"Golf has changed my life."

"Playing golf has given me hours of not having flashbacks!"

"Judy always encourages me and makes me feel welcome."

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Judy Alvarez PGA/LPGA Master Professional

National Patriot Award Recipient
Golf Digest Magazine Women Top 50 Teacher
LPGA SE Section Professional of the Year Award 2018
SFPGA Section Horton Smith Award 2018
SFPGA Chapter Horton Smith Award 2017
SFPGA Section Player Development Award 2016, 2011
LPGA SE Section Teacher of the Year Award 2002

One of her many accomplishments has been teaching golf to players with disabilities

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Check out these stretches and exercises to help you reduce the distance dip that comes with age.
Golf offers your child the fun of gaming with the added benefits of exercise and fresh air.
We can use video to help you reduce or even eliminate the inconsistent fade.
Now is the time to make an impact on your scorecard. If we could add distance to your tee shots and put you in the fairway a few more times, how low could you go?

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