Adaptive Golf Program Resources, Tips and Tools

Click here for the USGA Modified Rules of Golf for People with Disabilities.


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Judy Alvarez Golf Academy has provided a list (not exhaustive) of adaptive golf equipment and supplies for those:

 - Teaching an adaptive golf program

 - Who are a student of the game

 - Therapists wanting to help their clientele 

Adaptive Clubs and Shafts

Flatter 5 iron, 3 wood roughly 38 degrees

UST Flexible shafted club (Hit-able Tempo Swing Trainer)

24” putter

24” hybrid, 3 or 4 wood

Yar Golf Putter

LaJolla Golf Clubs

Bang Golf Clubs

UpRight Golf Company

Adaptive Glove and Grip Aids

Miracle Glove

The Power Glove

Bionic Glove

Grip Mate

Super Power Triple Trainer 3 Glove

Velcro sewn to glove patch and finger tips

Formed Golf Training Grip

Oversized/Built up grips

Fatso 5.0

Jumbo Max

Grip Wrap

Dynamic Swing Glove

Quantum Grip

Adaptive Golf Glove

Adaptive Golf Carts

Fairway Golf Car

Golf Express


Pride Mobility

Para Golfer

Mobility Golf

Golf Xpress

Static Chair

Sports Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs with removable arms

Automatic Ball Feeders

UpRight Golf Company



Teeing Devices

Upright Golf Pickup Tool


 - Martini Tees (wide topped tees)

“Tgolf” Telescoping Swing Trainer

Prosthetics Golf Grip Devices

Sport Aid Arm Device Therapeutic Recreation Services (amputee golf grips)

Flex Grip

Troppman Grip

Amputee Golf Grip

Golf Arm Gripping Device

 - Mats/Hitting Boards: Astroturf matt, Lexan Polycarbonate Sheet, Lie Board, green carpet for under Lexan sheet

 - Putter Suction Cups*, Roach Clip, Golf Claw

 - Reading Material/Books: USGA Modified Rules of Golf, Accessible Golf Fore All, Amputee Golf Magazine

 - Broken Tees and Mended Hearts

 - Belts: Gait belt or luggage strap

 - Balls: regular golf balls, AlmostGolf, Whiffle, tennis, colored golf balls, Birdie balls, SNAG

 - Variety of colored electrical tape

 - Variety of colored nail polish

 - Golf Ball Grabber

 - Eraser board and eraser marker, eraser

 - Video analysis software

 - S.N.A.G. equipment

 - The Orange Whip

 - Swing Fan

 - Medicus wood, iron, putter

 - Impact bag

 - Alignment sticks