Women Only Golf Sessions

With Judy Alvarez, PGA/LPGA

All Skill Levels Welcome:
Seasoned Swingers, Want to be Golfers,
Bi and Tri County Players, 9/18 Holers,
Coming Back to the Game After Injury or Time Off.
Anyone Else?

One hour sessions designed for you to walk away with one or two ideas on how to
chase the ball better and apply this knowledge to your next round of golf.

These sessions are not surgical procedures…. more like being an outpatient.

There is always a theme to the day, laughs, “edutainment” and fun!

Future location and dates to be announced soon.

HOW: Sign up in Golf Shop or contact Judy Alvarez

WHY: You owe it to yourself to feel better about your golf game

TIME: 9:00 – 10:00 am. Please arrive 5 minutes early ready to go

SESSION FEE: $20.00 members, $23.00 non-members

Advanced registration required.
Meet on driving range area.